Su Casa Programs

Parenting Skills

Parents are provided instruction on effective ways to raise children. Topics taught include hygiene, caring for childhood illnesses, proper nutrition, discipline, values, manners, and respect. Parents are also introduced to the resources available to them in their community. Various community agencies serve as partners in the presentations to parents. In 2013-14, Lillyana Rodriguez, psychologist, presented 6 sessions on "Positive Discipline for Toddlers" at each of the centers."

Our Success Story

Su Casa De Esperanza provides a supportive environment for our families. Margarita participated in all phases of Su Casa De Esperanza’s programs:

Her involvement with Su Casa began as a student in the English class. She then participated in the infant stimulation program offered by Su Casa through home visitors and continued on to the Toddler phase of the program as the child grew. The goal of the program is to help the mother become a true support system for her children and guiding and assisting them toward becoming successful adults.

Her child is now a college graduate and her younger son, who was also in the program, is enrolled as a Music major at the university. Margarita is proud of her children. The college student assists Su Casa during fundraising activities as a volunteer--giving back to the program that was so important to his mother.

Congratulations, Margarita. We are proud of the support you have given your children and the great example you have set for them.